Long Live Paper! – A Lifehacker Special

D. Keith Robinson is a writer, designer, artist, publisher and associate editor of Gawker Media’s best site (in my opinion), Lifehacker. He has written a Lifehacker Special Report titled, “Getting To Done: Long Live Paper!” It’s a nice piece. Robinson comes down firmly on the side of paper for productivity.

“Sometimes you’ve got to go with what works. More and more I find that when it comes to productivity and Getting Things Done, I’m leaning on paper-based solutions. Who needs Web 2.0 when you’ve got the most flexible, scalable and reliable solutions around—pencil and paper?”

That’s the way I see it and Paper Notes In A Digital World couldn’t have said it any better.

“Paper is the only way to brainstorm and get those ideas going. Some pencils and pens, a notebook (or Moleskine) for sketching, construction paper for cutting, constructing and drawing up big ideas and a bunch of post it notes are the perfect tools for getting creative. The possibilities are almost limitless.”

Again, Robinson hits the nail in the head. This is a must-read from Lifehacker.

Love that paper!

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