The NEW YORKER as a… LitBlog?

The holiday season brought a new set of DVDs to Levi Asher’s home. Not “Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith,” or “Million Dollar Baby,” or any other Hollywood blockbuster. Levi runs the Literary Kicks blog and is a voracious reader. So, for Levi, the DVD set was the Complete New Yorker. I must say I have been tempted with this, but reading The New Yorker on DVD seems, well, different. The set contains every issue from 1925-2005. Levi Asher wrote a nice piece at and gives us his observations on this mammoth DVD set.

Digging in to a collection like this is not easy. I bet most people who buy this set or get it as a present just jump in and start breezing through, and then quickly find themselves gasping for air. That’s the wrong way to use a set like this, and I’m not going to make that mistake. I’m going to plan my expeditions carefully, working towards specific goals. I’ve got a few missions in mind, most of them focusing on the magazine’s first two decades …

This is a fun and interesting post from Levi and he tells us why really, the original New Yorker, was a…..ready for this?….a litblog(!) ahead of its time. I’m still not completely sold that I could enjoy The New Yorker on my computer screen, but he sure makes the content sound appetizing. Great read from

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