Paper Notes In A Digital World – An Update

I’ve given the blog another run for the sixty days that I promised. These are some of my thoughts…

  • I have many interests, sometimes I’m convinced I have too many interests and it causes an information overload that doesn’t allow me to give the full attention to any one, two or three interests that I would like. I end up all over the map at times. But I’ve had to ask myself if spending time writing and thinking too much about the methods I use to process and incubate my interests and ideas has taken too much time and energy away from actually working on my ideas and interests themselves. Writing about the “method of doing,” versus actually, “doing,” is maybe another way to express this.
  • Community. This is what I wanted more than anything here at PaperNotes and I’ve learned it’s darned near impossible to bring that about without so much administrative work to sort through the comment spam (damn them all!) to find the few real and useful comments that would add to the community I want to build here.
  • At the end of these sixty days, I have decided I can best use my time actually working on my interests and ideas rather than writing about the tools which I use to flush it all out. However, I might use this same blog down the road for content on some of those very interests. Right now, there’s a lot of catching up to do withreal life interests. 
  • My sixty day experiment of re-launching Paper Notes in a Digital World has still been successful in the sense that I’ve added quite a few new posts to the site that will stay right here as an archive and resource at
  • Thank you, faithful readers for giving me a couple more months to share this passion with you. In the end, it comes down to this….too many interests, so little time. 

    For now, but probably not forever, I offer all my best,

    Mike Swickey

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