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The Sad Story of Shane Dronett

CNN will air an episode of Sanjay Gupta, MD this Saturday and Sunday morning (7:30am ET) that should make us all slow down and think about the consequences of professional football on the players and, more specifically, on the brains … Continue reading

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Oh, the possibilities. 3.0

Paper Notes In A Digital World, version 3.0? I said back in September that I might use this very same spot, the Paper Notes blog, to offer content on other areas of interest to me. I felt so constrained writing on … Continue reading

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Paper Notes In A Digital World – An Update

I’ve given the blog another run for the sixty days that I promised. These are some of my thoughts… I have many interests, sometimes I’m convinced I have too many interests and it causes an information overload that doesn’t allow … Continue reading

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Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men

Brett and Kate at The Art of Manliness have expanded on an earlier post about men and notebooks and they now have a super article on how 20 famous men used their notebooks. It’s a definite “must read”….excellent post from … Continue reading

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The Perils Of “Literary Fiction”

I thought it was time for something a bit controversial. Most of us who love all things paper, I would venture to guess, are also booklovers of one stripe or another. But the reading of books, especially fiction, has dropped … Continue reading

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