Mike’s Notebook

UPDATE: All writing is now at mikesnotebook.com I am keeping Paper Notes up as an archived site only. I have had to remove all comments as the spam filter couldn’t keep up with the deluge of spam – the bane of blogs everywhere. It’s too bad as there were many quality comments here, but the problem was just too big. I hope you enjoy the archived posts here at Paper Notes In A Digital World.


I’ve wanted to supplement this blog for a long time with something that I could just post quick photos, audio, links, videos, short text posts and such, in an online-notebook of sorts. Well, I now have just that and it’s up and running. What to expect there? Things that I find interesting – literature, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, life balance, the importance of capturing our lives in journals and notebooks, and more. I hope it will be of interest to people who like to think and frequently ponder why we’re something instead of nothing. It’s really just a continuation of my ‘general blogging’ that I have done since my first blog at GeoCities in 1997. Oh, it’s called, “Mike’s Notebook” and can be found at – surprise! – mikesnotebook.com.

Just an aside, one of my teachers (Eby Grove) at Northwest Classen High School (I was Class of 1977) in Oklahoma City always told me I had potential “If you would just come to class!” She was impressed with my always writing down ideas in a notebook/journal and she told me to, “keep it up.” Mrs. Grove, I have – for another 35 years(!) She was/is a caring teacher and I regret not spending more time in her class. While I’ll always keep my multiple paper notebooks and journals – here’s my 21st Century online version. Thanks, Mrs. Grove. mikesnotebook.com

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