Mike’s Notebook

UPDATE: All writing is now at mikesnotebook.com I am keeping Paper Notes up as an archived site only. I have had to remove all comments as the spam filter couldn’t keep up with the deluge of spam – the bane of blogs everywhere. It’s too bad as there were many quality comments here, but the problem was just too big. I hope you enjoy the archived posts here at Paper Notes In A Digital World.


I’ve wanted to supplement this blog for a long time with something that I could just post quick photos, audio, links, videos, short text posts and such, in an online-notebook of sorts. Well, I now have just that and it’s up and running. What to expect there? Things that I find interesting – literature, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, life balance, the importance of capturing our lives in journals and notebooks, and more. I hope it will be of interest to people who like to think and frequently ponder why we’re something instead of nothing. Oh, it’s called, “Mike’s Notebook” and can be found at – surprise! – mikesnotebook.com.

Just an aside, one of my teachers (Eby Grove) at Northwest Classen High School (I was Class of 1977) in Oklahoma City always told me I had potential “If you would just come to class!” She was impressed with my always writing down ideas in a notebook/journal and she told me to, “keep it up.” Mrs. Grove, I have – for another 35 years(!) She was/is a caring teacher and I regret not spending more time in her class. While I’ll always keep my multiple paper notebooks and journals – here’s my 21st Century online version. Thanks, Mrs. Grove. mikesnotebook.com

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