Keeping A Diary

NPR’s Talk Of The Nation had a very good discussion on keeping a diary back in March of 2002. I listened to it again yesterday and decided to pass it along to Paper Notes readers. It’s 48 minutes long and includes Alexandra Johnson, the author of Leaving A Trace: On Keeping A Journal. The NPR description of the program is quite simple:

One day you’re cleaning out your attic and underneath the discarded issues of LIFE magazine and unused camping equipment you find a diary. What should you do? Read it of course, but then what? Join host Neal Conan and guests for a discussion about using diaries to unlock the inner writer inside.

If you keep a diary/journal, or are considering it, you’ll enjoy this show. (The old mp3 file is gone, but as of July of 2010 it’s still available online as a RealMedia streaming file.)

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