Pencils VS Pens

I’ve been reading a lot of posts regarding the increased use of pencils as primary writing instruments. What do you think about this? Some say that pencils fade and shouldn’t be considered for journals, diaries, etc. Yet, a lot of documents written in pencil have survived for many years.

I’m anxious to try the Palomino pencils from California Republic. I know they are favorites of our friends at Pencil Revolution. They wrote a fine review back in September of last year. You can take a look at the Palomino, and order, from the Pencil World Creativity Store.

As for pens, it seems the discussion thread of choice is Moleskinerie’s Moleskine Pens?. The thread began two years ago this month and is still going strong with a lot of great tips. I’m still using the Pilot G2 .05 and .07.

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