The Journal 10+

So you want to keep a journal but don’t want to write a lot. Have I got the perfect journal for you! First, I’ll tell you that I personally keep two journals. I call one my “Daybook” and the other is my “Journal.” The Daybook contains short “here’s what I did today” stuff and not necessarily in full sentences. My Journal is a Moleskine Diary/Planner with a large page for each day. While I don’t count it as a journal, I also keep a notebook with all things collected inside (quotes, phone numbers, ideas, directions, songs I want, this and that and everything else). I go into great detail in my Moleskine journal, but in my Daybook, it’s strictly list of activities, events, etc. What I use for the Daybook is also perfect for those who want to journal but want to jot highlights only: I use the Journal 10+.

The 10 comes from 10 years, and the + is an extra year so you can give a gift any time of the year and the new Journal 10+ owner doesn’t have to wait until the first of the year to start. There isn’t room to write long journal entries, but it’s just right for short blurbs. I call mine a Daybook because I list what I did that day and use it as a reference to look back at what I was doing this day 5 years ago (or whatever), it also settles more than a few arguments over when we did this or that and when.

Here’s a picture of my Journal 10+ with a pen and magazine for size reference.
The closed book is 10.25″ high, 7.5″ wide and 1″ thick.

Here’s the Journal 10+ open…

In one book you have 11 years of memories.

I find it just right for what I use it for. The one thing that would make it better would be a leather cover, it has what they call “leatherette” which is a tough vinyl. My Journal 10+ is a 2009-2019, but they are now selling the 2010-2020 journal.

You can purchase the Journal 10+ from the company (Because Time Flies, Inc.) or (where they are currently sold-out). The cost is $39.95, which sounds high, until you realize we’re talking about 11 years here. I highly recommend the Journal 10+ for diarists with little to say and to those who want a book with 11 years of highlights as a daily logger (daybook!)

Here’s one more picture. This is a company pic so it looks much nicer than mine…

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