What’s Old Is New Again

Posted: 13th August 2010 by Mike Swickey in Uncategorized

When I decided to resurrect Paper Notes In A Digital World I made the decision to host the site myself using WordPress. It wasn’t easy making the transition from Typepad, but I managed to bring over the best of the posts from the first incarnation of PaperNotes in 2005. If you’re a new reader or would like to read some of the older posts, here is a post highlighting the “Best Of” archives and everything since launching again last month. Reading back over the old stuff I was amazed how much could have been written today, some things old just become new again.

You’ll notice I didn’t import all the old comments (and there were many) from the old site. It would have all had to be done manually and I just decided to start new comment-wise. It’s a shame in a way as the post on ‘Writing As Punishment’ had 43 comments and was serving as a running thread on the practice in schools of punishing students with writing assignments. Ugh. We won’t go there again, but suffice to say I still feel the same way despite many commenters disagreeing with me.

I hope you see something that catches your fancy. And feel free to comment! I’m trying to do the Twitter thing (life is full of ironies, huh) and if something looks tweetable(?) feel free to tweet away!

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